Nissan Oil Change Cost

Adding oil to engine

If you’re a Nissan owner, you likely know that oil changes are one of the easiest and most regular forms of maintenance. With a variety of service chains available to Darlington drivers, you might be wondering, “Why should I get an oil change at a Nissan dealership?” “Isn’t the oil change price at the Nissan dealer more expensive?” 

The answer is no. The oil change cost is comparable, and you get the added benefit of qualified Nissan service technicians who go the extra mile. The experts at Nissan of Florence are here to help you answer your oil change questions. When you’re ready, bring your Nissan to our service center.

The Cost of a Nissan Oil Change

Typically, the price of a Nissan oil change is usually around the $25 – $50 range. This price is assuming your vehicle is reasonably taken care of and changed with a more conventional oil blend. Dillon drivers have the choice of higher oil blends, though keep in mind that these blends will drive the cost up. These include:

  • Synthetic
  • Synthetic Blend
  • High Mileage 

Pressed on time? An oil change with our service team takes only 30 – 45 minutes! 

How Frequently Should You Get Your Oil Changed?

The cost of an oil change from Nissan isn’t the only factor. Most Nissan vehicles need an oil refreshment every 5,000 miles – 7,500 miles – about twice a year for most Dillon drivers. If you’re using a synthetic blend, you can go up to 10,000 miles! There are a few factors that determine how often you should get your oil changed:

  • Driving Frequency: Put simply, the more you drive, the more oil changes you’ll likely need. Infrequent drivers in Sumter should still get an oil change once or twice a year.
  • Your Nissan’s Manufacturing Year: Older Nissan vehicles will need more regular oil changes.
  • Driving Habits: If you’re a roughneck or use your Nissan for off-roading, you’ll likely need more oil changes. 

Get Your Oil Changed Today with Nissan of Florence!

Now that we’ve explained that the Nissan oil change cost is quick and inexpensive, why don’t you stop by? Contact us to schedule an oil change near Florence today! While you’re here, also ask about our service deals to keep your Nissan healthy. 


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