What is the Estimated 2023 Nissan Ariya Range?

September 28th, 2023 by

2023 Nissan Ariya

When we encounter car shoppers who are skeptical about electric vehicles, one question they always ask is how far the Nissan Ariya can drive on a single charge in Darlington and Dillon. The 2023 Nissan Ariya range can reach around 300 miles, making it the longest battery range of any Nissan electric vehicle and on par with what a full gas tank can offer. Learn all about the Nissan Ariya battery and how it fits into your EV lifestyle with Nissan of Florence.



2023 Nissan Ariya Performance Features

There’s more to the Nissan Ariya battery than just its range. The Nissan Ariya battery eliminates the need for gasoline and motor oil. It doesn’t create any tailpipe emissions to pollute the air in Sumter thanks to clean battery power. Here are some other great features and perks you’ll discover when you drive a Nissan Ariya:

  • Easy Charging: The Nissan Ariya is compatible with most Level 2 home and public charging stations, as well as zippy Level 3 DC Fast Charging. It’s easy to just plug in at home and charge overnight.
  • e-4ORCE: The “e” represents the full-electric powertrain of the Ariya, while “4ORCE” (pronounced as “force”) stands for the control and power of all four wheels with all-wheel drive.
  • Choice of FWD or AWD
  • 300-Mile Range: Officially, the Ariya can deliver up to 304 miles of battery range with the optional dual-front/rear-motor layout and the 87-kWh battery pack.
  • High Battery Capacity: The Nissan Ariya FWD or AWD models both offer a choice between 63 kWh or 87 kWh of battery capacity.

How Far Can I Drive from Florence on One Nissan Ariya Battery Charge?

Don’t let range anxiety keep you away from a powerful and efficient SUV! Here are some places you can go from Florence on a single battery charge:

  • Myrtle Beach, SC—67 miles
  • Columbia, SC—83 miles
  • Charlotte, NC—106 miles
  • Wilmington, NC—117 miles
  • Charleston, SC—136 miles
  • Augusta, GA—154 miles
  • Raleigh-Durham, NC—168 miles
  • Savannah, GA—180 miles
  • Asheville, NC—236 miles
  • Athens, GA—242 miles
  • Atlanta, GA—293 miles

Experience the 2023 Nissan Ariya with a Test Drive at Nissan of Florence!

While we can’t let you test drive how far a Nissan Ariya can drive on a single charge, we can let you experience what it’s like to drive this new kind of SUV! Take a look at our new Nissan Ariya inventory to choose the one you’d like to drive, then stop by Nissan of Florence for a drive! Or, if you’d like to learn more about EVs, visit our EV center for more information.


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